You might be asked to leave the program if you…

We want all volunteers to have the best possible experience, and because of that, we will not tolerate some behaviors or attitudes that may negatively affect the community we are working in, the volunteers’ team, or our staff. You may be asked to leave during the program if:

  • As a volunteer, you do not collaborate with the activities and you are not performing your job description
  • As a volunteer, you offend verbally or physically any person in the project, including anyone from the community
  • As a volunteer, you have an attitude that puts in danger the health or safety of others or yourself
  • As a volunteer, you create conflicts within the group that affect the project
  • As a volunteer, you have any attitude against our values and our purpose of helping the community

In any of the cases above, you may be asked to leave the program and Volunteer San Blas will not provide a refund of your project fee.