Typical schedule

The daily routine will consist of different activities, to be performed mostly in groups and with the Kunas. They are the following:

  • Planning and executing English classes for children, teenagers and adults according to the school’s schedule.
  • Leading open talks with teenagers at school about various subjects, such as cultures, careers, university life, and others related to sharing personal experience.
  • Helping with daily maintenance of the family, including cooking, cleaning, and other activities needed to keep things running smoothly.
  • Organizing activities and games with children, during their free time, such as sports games, handcraft, reading, painting, writing, music and others.
  • Sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner times with host family, according to their rules.
  • Sharing experience with the other volunteers, according to agenda
  • Sharing your talents with the community – let us know if you have any you’d like to share, for example singing, dancing, yoga, any kind of handcraft, and others -.

The frequency of the activities will vary, depending on the school’s and families schedules, but we will always try to have as many of them happening during the 3 days program.

Volunteers are welcome to be proactive and create their own activities with the community based on what they think it’s important. Use your imagination! Everything is possible!