Team leader / Team member

We will have two different roles for volunteers in the project: Team Leaders and Team Members. For each round, we are expected to have one or two Team Leaders, who will be chosen by their previous volunteering experience and skills. A good level of Spanish is required for this role, and you should indicate in your application if you are interested in being a Team Leader.

The TLs will have the same responsibilities as Team Members but they will also help us in organizing the Team Members for different activities, will be responsible for guaranteeing a great experience for them, making sure they are accomplishing their goals, and also will be the main point of contact between the group and our staff if there are any issues to be solved. This will create a better experience for all the volunteers and will make the logistics easier and more organized during the project.

Both Team Leaders and Team Members have the same overall responsibilities, but TLs will have more time dedicated to coordinating.