Tigre – English classes & cultural sharing

Volunteers from around the world are being brought to the community for a once in a lifetime experience, to live with the tribe and support them on different ways:

English Classes

Volunteers will work with the teachers of the community leading English classes for children, teenagers and adults. This will support them on developing self confidence, communication skills and will also help them pursuing future opportunities inside and/or outside the community.

Cultural Activities

Volunteers will get involved in cultural activities of the community while also sharing their own culture. This is important because we want volunteers to become ambassadors of the Kuna culture, and the more they understand about it, the more they will be able to communicate it to others and share real information, which will , little by little, impact the way Guna Yala is shown.

Open Talks with teenagers

Volunteers will also lead “open talks”, specially with teenagers, about subjects they don’t usually have opportunity to discuss with people with another perspective. Careers, University life, cultures, challenges in an out the community, relationships, self perception, and others.