Cultural Sensitivity

During our time with Volunteer San Blas we will have the unique and amazing opportunity to be guests within the Kuna’s home, and of course, we need to behave as such.

Traditionally the Kunas don’t drink alcohol (except for during their wild Chicha Fuerte ceremonies!) so we ask that volunteers respect this and save drinking for the after program ceremony. There is a touristic zone at the village and maybe it will be OK to drink few beers there, but only if it’s convenient inside the activities planned and if there are no children in the group.

Dress code is very open, but it’s preferred if volunteers wear a top and bottoms rather than swimwear while walking in the village. There is a dress code for entering the school, though: you should not wear shorts above knees, nor any shirt or dress that shows your belly, back or shoulders. Flip flops are OK.

Other than this, coming to the community with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to learn and share are all that’s required!