Why pay to volunteer?

Volunteer San Blas is an entirely independent organisation which does not receive any funding from governments, religious bodies, political parties, development organisations or other sources. And of course, we don’t request money from our partner communities. All our work is 100% funded through your contributions as a volunteer and depends on it to keep growing.

We are not an NGO or a Foundation. We are established as a Social Business.

It is this financial independence that gives us the freedom to set up projects however we believe will be most impactful, with our volunteers making the most valuable contribution.

Once again, the Volunteer San Blas’ projects are 100% developed with the communities themselves, in which the Kunas participate from the initial decision making process, up to the activities that are suggested for the project, and their execution.

Your project price, therefore, not only covers the costs that are directly linked to your presence on the ground, but also a share of all the other costs that setting up our quality volunteering project requires, as well as keeping the organisation working.